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Town & Country Service Center

Engine & Transmission

TC Service Center offers top-notch service in transmission maintenance.

Get the professional service you need to keep your vehicle's engine running smooth and keep your transmission in check.


• transmission replacement

• clutches

• transfer case

• differentials 

•  & more.

Differential Service & Repair

The differential is a part of your vehicle’s drivetrain (the part of your vehicle that works together with the engine to get your wheels moving). It works in conjunction with your transmission and enables your left and right wheels to turn at different speeds when making turns. The differential is positioned between two wheels and attached to each wheel by an axle shaft.

The picture shown here is an example of an overhaul, using OEM parts to rebuild the the differential in-house.  At Town & Country Service Center, we work to find the problem and fix it!

Town & Country Service Center

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